JMC Asset Management, composed of the most capable professionals in the industry, is a company specializing in financial investment established in 2018. As such, we are implementing many projects based on creativity and reliability. In addition, we create opportunities to grow together by developing stable assets with high levels of investment values and providing differentiated services based on our high level of professionalism and morality. We have been achieving new records continuously since our establishment and are putting in our utmost efforts to always illustrate new possibilities with information that is unique only to us.

JMC Asset Management is growing as a company capable of providing trust and maximum satisfaction to customers based on our philosophy of transparent company. We will ceaselessly put efforts to become a company that you can trust and rely on in all investment processes based on our specialized system and accumulated know-how, and strive to become a company capable of further improving the values of your lives. Operational fund, IB organization performance.

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Robert Yun, founder of Brokerage Net Properties, sold the Most Luxurious High-Rise Condominiums in Mid-Wilshire: The Summit, Solair and The Mercury in the Los Angeles area. 

Starting with The Mercury Project in June 2009, Robert and his team  successfully sold and closed all 149 Acquired Units within 7 months. With the successful sellout of The Mercury, they acquired The Summit Project in April 2010 and within 5 months they sold over 96 Units. 

On September 25, 2010 with Solair’s Grand Opening, Robert and his team sold 38 Units. With successful experiences of making profitable sellouts on three of the Largest Condominiums in Mid-Wilshire, Robert Yun decided to establish his own company Net Properties in December 2012. 

Net Properties is a Real Estate Brokerage Firm providing full services in Selling, Purchasing and Leasing a Broad Spectrum of Classes including Single Family, Condominium, Income Property and Commercial Real Estate. 

As the young generation agents joined under Broker Net Properties, they seek to provide the most efficient services you deserve in the Los Angeles area. 

Net Properties, Young, Passionate, Hard working agents will find you a Dream Home.